Sprinter Grip Van , Sprinter Grip Truck

Nola Grip Truck

Our Sprinter Grip Van offers a versatile, powerful and affordable solution for your shoot. With over 20 years of experience our crews are vetted and set tested. From small interview shoots to large commercial productions not only do we have the tools but also the experience to make your shoot great while in Louisiana.

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana Available Lighting is locally owned and we provide lighting and grip truck rentals for Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles and all over Louisiana. We also service cities and towns in Mississippi, Alabama and northwest Florida. Available Lighting has a large rental inventory of grip trucks, motion picture grip and lighting rental equipment and still photography lighting equipment. We are adding new lights to our rental inventory all the time. Some of the new items for 2016 are Kino Flo 400 Celebs, LitePanels 1x1 Astras, a new assortment of 12' x 20' overheads and Profoto B1's 500 AirTTL 500W/s for still photography. Whether it's a still photo shoot, commercial, TV production, documentary or feature we have 1 ton, 3 ton and 5 ton grip trucks, movie quiet generators, lighting, grip and Fisher dollies that you need  for your production.